Deadly Space Stories: A.I. Gone Bad

Deadly Space Stories: A.I. Gone Bad is the galactic shooter game in which you are on a mission to put a stop to the rogue A.I. technology that has killed all of the members of a spacecraft orbiting space. Humankinds worst fierce has come to life as an experiment with A.I. technology has gone terribly wrong causing the death of many people.

It is up to you to get on board the ship and take the evil robots down by completing missions. Your main objective is to collect three PDA’s and take the host computer controlling the bots down. Good luck soldier!

Release Date

September 2018


Deadly Space Stories: A.I. Gone Bad was developed by Poison Games.


  • 3D first-person shooter game with a mission
  • Freaky enemy models
  • Dark and creepy atmosphere
  • Set in an isolated space station


Web browser and Android



  • WASD or arrow keys to walk around
  • Mouse to Look around
  • Left Mouse Button to fire
  • Right Mouse Button to aim
  • Mouse Wheel To switch weapons
  • G to throw a grenade
  • R to reload
  • F to pick up an item
  • Left Shift to run
  • Left Ctrl to crouch
  • X to prone
  • V to melee attack
  • Space to jump
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