The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is an intense first-person shooter game in which you must explore a spaceship. You are on board, and the ship's AI robots have gone rogue - a virus has spread through the systems, and now the robots have become psychotic - they want to kill the crew!

You are the only survivor as the robots have already ripped to pieces the other crew members - you are alone! You must defend yourself and try to eliminate the robots before the ship crashes to Earth and unleashes this deadly virus on the world's population! Use your trusty EMP pistol to disable them - good luck!

Release Date

November 2018


Test Signal made The Final Countdown.


  • First-person shooter view
  • Endless gameplay to survive the incoming robots attacks
  • Robot enemies with different abilities
  • Your only weapon is an EMP pistol
  • Song: Europe - The Final Countdown


Web browser



Press left mouse button to shoot.
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