Rocket Run
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Rocket Run

Rocket Run is an awesome game of exploration in which you must use your spaceship to explore a myriad of different levels. The graphics are retro, but the gameplay is really fun and entertaining.

You must collect different artifacts on the way and look out for the various deadly sentries that are attempting to destroy your spaceship. You must keep a close watch on your shields and fuel and ensure they do not deplete. Can you complete the game?

Release Date

February 2019


This game is developed by Ben James. Music by Teknoaxe.


Rocket Run is made using Defold.


  • 2D pixelated graphics
  • Physics-based controls
  • Sentries that can attack your spaceship
  • Six maps to play
  • Fuel and shield system


Web browser


  • W to thrust
  • A to rotate left
  • D to rotate right
  • Space bar to shoot
  • Esc to quit