Infinite Gears

Get ready to enter a thrilling intergalactic war in Infinite Gears, a brand new space shooter! Choose one from 3 spaceships; each has its own unique weapons and power. Destroy any incoming enemies and eliminate the boss ship in certain areas. The bosses are tough and protected by guardian spaceships, but they can give you many scrapes when they get destroyed. Don't forget to use bombs to deal area damage if you are overwhelmed. Sell the scrapes for some gears and use those to upgrade your weapons and buy more lives. Clear every boss in the sector and venture to the next sector for more challenges. Do watch out for any hunting spaceships that can appear anytime to take you down! You can hunt them back for awhile to get some scrapes and extra live or bomb. Make sure to go back to any defeated boss area to upgrade your spaceship or switch with another one. Good luck conquering the galaxies!


Infinite Gears is developed by Annobox and published on


Spaceship controls

  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Space bar to use bomb
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