Super Space Jump Man

Super Space Jump Man is an epic arcade game with a simple aim – you must help the astronaut jump between planets so that he does not get stuck in space! You must keep jumping from planet to planet until you reach the end portal.

The gameplay is based on gravity. Therefore, you must apply the correct pressure when making your jump – if you don’t jump hard enough, you are likely not to be pulled into the gravitational field of the next planet! Can you conquer every level and make it to the portals safely?

Release Date

February 2019


Super Space Jump Man was developed by Nannings Games. You can check the developer's work on his personal website.


  • Simple 2D graphics
  • Relaxing music
  • One-button controls
  • Gravitational-based gameplay
  • 24 levels to beat


Super Space Jump Man is a web browser game. It is also available on Steam.


Press space bar or Z or Z to jump.
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