Spaced Out

The 80’s are back in this Vertex style asteroids dodge ‘em up! Your ship gets larger as time passes and the asteroids get larger every time they collide with something, if they grow large enough they explode into 2 smaller rocks! Collect power-ups to stay as small as possible, blow up rocks, or get bonus points. Don’t crash into anything or it’s game over!

Release Date

August 2018


cMonkeys developed Spaced Out for Ludum Dare 42 and decides to develop it further. You can learn more about the developer via this link.


  • A challenging dodging game to stay alive as long as possible
  • You can play against your friend on the same computer
  • Several power-ups to use
  • Cool physics controls


Spaced Out is a web browser game.


Player 1 controls

  • Use left and right arrow to move
  • Press space bar to thrust

Player 2 controls

  • Use A and D to move
  • Press W to thrust
Alternatively, you can use a controller or reset the controls to your own likings in the settings menu.
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