8.5 is a cool .io multiplayer fighting game in which you must control a heroic warrior and attempt to destroy all other enemies in the arena. You can choose from a variety of different warriors, each of which have their own armor, weapon and shield – maybe you want to fight as a Teutonic Knight? Or maybe you want to choose a Viking? Once you have selected your character you can enter the fray!

Use your mouse to move your character and use your left click mouse button or spacebar to attack with your weapon. You must collect the colored gems scattered around the arena to boost your power and improve your character level. As you progress your character strength increases and you can dish out more damage. If you are killed however you must start again from level 1! Choose your hero today and join the fight!

Release Date

September 2017


  • Many tribes to be chosen
  • The more dots you collected, the stronger your warrior
  • You can choose to be a peasant which can only deal half damage


  • Desktop browser
  • Android app



  • Move your mouse to control the character's movement
  • Left click or space bar to attack
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