8.2 is the .io style game in which you control a circle and must try to dominate the play area by growing in size. This is another Agar inspired game in which you will play against other online players as you try to get your name on the leaderboard by consuming other players and items for points.

This game gives you the ability to customize your colors to give the game a more personal touch whilst playing. There are plenty of different game modes available including FFA, Big FFA, Megasplit, Instant, and Crazy. Win them all. Good luck!

Release Date

August 2018


xAz developed


  • 5 game modes to play: FFA, Big FFA, Megasplit, Instant, and Crazy
  • Customizable background colors
  • Options to suit your play style
  • Pointer to help your navigation


Web browser



  • Use your mouse to move
  • W to eject masses
  • Space bar to split
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