Crime Empires

Crime Empires is a fun and engaging MMO game in which you must build your very own crime syndicate and attempt to rule the city. You are the leader of the Mafia and must take care of your family business to become the most successful crime boss in the land. You start with a small empire and a limited amount of funds and you must create businesses such as a money press and a meth lab to improve your income.

You can upgrade each business to improve their income generation and production rate. Aside from a steady flow of cash, you must also gather followers and troops to do your bidding. You can complete criminal activities to earn money and improve your prestige and reputation. You can also try and attack other players empires and attempt to take them down! If you enjoy the high life you can take to the casino to try win some extra cash gambling - the choice is yours; this is your crime empire!



Left click to play.
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