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Conflict of Nations World War 3

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August 2020
Browser (desktop-only)

Conflict of Nations World War 3 is an MMO strategy game set in a hypothetical third world-war. With a big-picture map of the world, you take control of an existing nation and its armed forces. Use strategic thinking to build alliances and conquer territories around the world with advanced technology and modern units.

Battles and Alliances

Do you enjoy the thrill of strategic warfare? Conflict of Nations features battles that extend for days and even weeks in length. This game isn’t just a quick win. It’s a real achievement to bring your forces to victory.

You can battle up to 140 players and form powerful coalitions with other players to achieve your mutual objectives of dominance.

Scenarios and Technology

The game may be set in World War 3, but it’s not based in the future. Conflict of Nations is set in a number of “what if” scenarios based on 21st-century events, such as the cold war and terrorist insurgencies. As such, you can expect a range of familiar modern military units such as the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and the Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier.

The reality of a third world war could bring WMDs to the battlefield. In Conflict of Nations, you can use these weapons to devastate your opponents. Some of these catastrophic weapons include chemical cruise missiles and nuclear ICBMs. Using them comes at a price though, as as it's a crime against humanity and may affect the morale of your nation!  You’ll have to think carefully about whether the benefits would outweigh the costs.

Economy and Doctrines

Conflict of Nations is more than just mindless warfare. It’s the complete economic development and expansion of a nation. There are three military doctrines, each with their own technology and signature units. You’ll have to balance your economy, resources, mobilization costs, and more to win this war.


  • Real-time MMO battles on a global battlefield
  • Long-running strategic games that span days and weeks
  • Signature weapons and military tech from around the world
  • Frequently updated with new content

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There are two other games in this strategy series. The first, Supremacy 1914, was also developed by Bytro Labs, is set in WW1, and contains historically accurate units. The second game is Call of War, a similar game but set in WW2 with the addition of nuclear weapons. Both games feature the same MMO global battles that span for days and weeks.

Release Date

September 2020


Bytro Labs developed Conflict of Nations World War 3.


Web browser


Left-click to interact with objects and menu items.