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Crossout is a free-to-play MMO action game where you build and battle your own war vehicles. Let your creativity run wild with thousands of vehicle customizations. Take your weapon-loaded machine into an unforgiving post-apocalyptic battleground. Use it to incinerate your opponents in an explosive, chaotic PvP war.

Crossout Gameplay


In Crossout, you can design and customize your vehicle in almost every conceivable way, in any imaginable shape. There's a vast selection of parts, armor, and weapons, as well as support systems to increase your survivability.


Not only can you create a personalized vehicle, you can turn that vehicle into a weaponized killing machine with a vast arsenal of deadly weaponry that extends beyond guns. You can fit your vehicle with anything from chainsaws and power-drills to rocket launchers and even flying drones.

With an advanced damage model, any part of any vehicle can be destroyed, and it will affect the performance.

Trade and Tinker

Are you missing essential parts for your machine? Well, you can trade every scrap and piece you have gathered in battle with other players, and buy parts that are useful to you.

You can then take those parts to tinker with in your own workshop to create new, advanced parts for your vehicles.

Join a Faction

Once you've been shown the ropes, you can choose from a variety of factions with unique rewards and crafting recipes. You'll unlock new factions like Lunatics, Nomads, and Firestarters at level 10, which will open the doors to all kinds of weapons and upgrades particular to your faction.


Every place destroyed tells a chilling story wrapped in mystery, from the secret underground laboratory of Sector EX to the nameless tower based on the outskirts of an abandoned city. There's battlegrounds all over the map of this once thriving land.

Crossout Story

What led to this post-apocalyptic world…? In 2027 a viral pandemic known as 'Crossout' swept the planet and annihilated a significant percentage of the world population. Many who were left behind suffered psychological trauma, went mad or committed suicide.

Crossout is set 20 years from the time this tragic event unfolded. Cities are deserted, ravaged by the mysterious disease. People are different, they've changed – mutated. Survivors hide their unnatural appearance with padded clothes and sunglasses. The world is chaos now. Some embrace it for the destructive thrill. Others long for a time before the madness.


  • Join factions for unique upgrades and rewards
  • Engage in explosive vehicular combat
  • Limitless vehicle customizations for complete creativity
  • Advanced damage model - decimate your enemies in detail
  • Incredible game design and immersive back-story

Release Date

May 2017


Targem Games made this game.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • Steam


Mouse and keyboard

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