Elvenar is a massive multiplayer online game in which you compete with other players to become the greatest ruler in a magical kingdom full of mystery. It is a strategy game with fantasy elements, made by InnoGames. Start your fantasy kingdom from scratch and plan to expand across the land to build an empire to be feared!

You can choose your race whether that be human or elf and begin to design your city in brilliant high definition. Use the size of the stunning map as various events occur across the land. This is your chance to create the kingdom you have always dreamed of ruling, begin your quest now!

Release Date

January 2015


Elvenar was made by InnoGames, who also developed Forge of Empires.


  • HD beautiful graphics
  • 2 race options: elf and human
  • Freedom to design the city
  • Road network system
  • Big world map with various events


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


It is recommended to play in full-screen for a full gaming experience.



  • Use left mouse button to play
  • Use mouse scroll to zoom-in/out
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