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June 2018
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)
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Elvenar is an MMO strategy game where you build and manage your own magical kingdom. The game features a compelling blend of strategy and fantasy with a focus on peaceful and diplomatic decision-making. Start your fantasy world from scratch, upgrade structures, implement laws and become a strong leader to ensure your kingdom is a thriving success.


Elvenar is a strategy game based in a fantasy world full of elves, humans and fairies. Keep peace in society and with other players to build good relations and build a happy population of fantastical beings!


The Elvenar civilization is built upon mystery. Many races came before, like orcs, fairies, and dwarves. No one knows what happened to them, but with new portal technology discovered by you, they can be brought back and integrated into your kingdom. Having new races unlocks an entire range of new technologies and buildings! Just make sure you keep your diverse populations united by drafting laws and keeping the peace.


There's a plethora of buildings that beautify your city but also provide vital functionality to your kingdom. Build residences for your citizens, workshops for crafting, or barracks to develop your fighting units. Also, there's a variety of cultural buildings that allow upgrades and add beauty to your city.

At first, you won't have all the buildings. As you progress, you'll unlock more. You'll also unlock upgrades to the buildings you do have, which enhance the aesthetic and function of the building to increase output.


Elvenar gameplay is primarily focused on peaceful and diplomatic means to resolving conflict. There is no PvP in Elvenar, which is unique for this type of game. Many in the community prefer the more laid-back gameplay.

However, on your quest through the land for new relics, you will encounter tribes who can be fought or bargained with depending on your playing style.

If you choose to focus on building your military to overcome hostile tribes, you'll need plenty of military structures in your kingdom to produce weaponry, armor and fighting units. If not, focusing on a manufacturing economy will provide strong trade relations and a healthy economy with minimal requirement for military force.

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  • Build an advanced economy that suits your playing style
  • Explore and research new technologies to progress your society
  • Revive ancient races and build a diverse civilization
  • Trade goods with other players in the Elvenar world
  • Engage in turn-based battles with far-away tribes

Release Date

January 2015


Elvenar was made by InnoGames, who also developed Forge of Empires.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


It is recommended to play in full-screen for a full gaming experience.


  • Use the left mouse button to play
  • Use the mouse scroll to zoom-in/out
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