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Games to Play with Friends

You and your best pal looking for some game time? This page is full of free online games to play with friends, so check some of them out and have a blast!

The Best Place to Play Games With Friends

CrazyGames has some of the best games to play with friends. These games are free to play in your web browser, and you can play them by simply sharing a link, or play locally offline in our various two-player games. You can play these games on your phone, laptop, desktop, and most devices!

Our Top Picks

Let’s start by tackling the most fun game to play with friends - online multiplayer games. Most of the games on this page feature an online mode. You need look no further than the following for some online action:

Smash Karts is a chaotic and fun online kart game full of battles and shenanigans.

Shell Shockers is the most eggcellent and popular FPS game on the web.

Uno Online - play this family-friendly favorite online at the comfort of your computer desk.

Krunker - take to this classic browser-based FPS game with your online friends.

Bloxd.io - this popular Minecraft-like game features a range of minigames, making it perfeect to play with your friends.

More Fun Games to Play With Friends

Those games were curated by us - so you can rest assured they are great fun to play. However, there’s a lot more to find by just browsing the page. You can use the filter at the top to sort the games in order of newest, most popular, and top-rated, so if you’re looking for the best, it’s always safe to choose the most popular option.


What are the most popular Games to Play with Friends?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. EvoWars.io
  3. Miniblox
  4. Smash Karts
  5. Racing Limits
  6. Shell Shockers
  7. Jump Guys
  8. Rally Racer Dirt
  9. Kirka.io
  10. Ninja Parkour Multiplayer

What are the best Games to Play with Friends to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. EvoWars.io
  3. Chess Online Multiplayer
  4. Kirka.io
  5. Ninja Parkour Multiplayer

What are some underrated Games to Play with Friends?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. Smash Karts
  3. Shell Shockers
  4. Four Colors

What are Games to Play with Friends?

Games with friends encompasses the range of multiplayer options available at CrazyGames. You can play locally in two-player and multiplayer titles. You can take the fight online and play with your international friends. The choice is yours.

Play the Best Online Games to Play with Friends for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Bloxd.io and Many More Right Now!
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