Klondike is an engaging, story-driven MMO farming game based in the times of the Yukon Gold Rush. You'll venture through various lands on a quest to find your Father's lost expedition, building towns, farming, and mining gold along the way. Klondike is a farming game with a unique twist and a storyline that compels you to travel further.

The Lost Expedition

The storyline in Klondike is known as The Lost Expedition. This gripping tale is full of mysteries and lands yet to be discovered, taking you on an adventure like never before.

Explore picturesque locations with vibrant scenery and find somewhere to build a life for your people before venturing into further territories. You'll stumble curiously upon ancient lands, snowy mountain peaks, sparkling waterfalls, and fast-flowing rivers as you edge closer and closer to unraveling the mystery of your Father's Lost Expedition.

Build Your Town

Each new location is an opportunity to build a new town, transforming a once deserted land into a flourishing peaceful community by developing local agriculture, raising animals, and selling food and products for sustenance and development. Of course, there will always be plenty of gold mining to do, too!

You can even hire your local friendly Inuits to join you on your mission to build a beautiful, thriving agricultural town that will prepare you for your voyage to the distant lands of Klondike.

Craft and Buy Items

Each expedition you embark upon requires specialized equipment that you'll have to bargain for with sellers or craft in the barn yourself using the materials and goods you have produced. You'll need items like fur boots, bear coats, and sleeping bags to keep you warm and cozy on your perilous adventures.

Embark on Adventures

Each new land you reach is an entirely new experience, featuring intriguing mysteries, hidden treasures, and exciting new challenges. You'll find yourself exploring the peaks and valleys of mountains, luscious forests, and ice-cold climates as you progress further through the game's compelling story. Whatever new land you embark upon will have unique resources and tasks for you to utilize on your journey to discover the mystery of The Lost Expedition.

Games Like Klondike

Although Klondike features a unique story that sets it apart, there are many farming games with similar gameplay mechanics and an easy-going style. Most farming games have a focus on building an aesthetically pleasant farm while expanding and growing the business. In many of these games, you can interact and trade with other players. Some popular online farming games include Big Farm, Big Farm New Harvest, and Blocky Farm.


  • A unique and moving storyline
  • Travel and adventure to new frontiers
  • Embark on exciting expeditions and treasure hunts
  • Build your own towns with agriculture, farming, and production

Release Date

August 2014




Web browser



This game is played with the mouse.
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