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World of Solaria

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September 2023
Browser (desktop-only)

Step into an enthralling adventure as you unleash your power in "Epic Pixels: The Last Frontier," a 2D open world MMORPG like no other!

Navigate your way through a rich, pixel-art fantasy world teeming with life, where every corner hides a new challenge and treasure. Dive deep into this immersive realm, filled with gripping quests, action-packed battles, and boundless exploration opportunities. The game's intuitive design ensures a smooth gaming experience, making it simple and easy for everyone to enjoy.

Key Features:

🔥 Mounts: Traverse the expansive landscape on mythical creatures, each with unique abilities.

🔥 Combat Pets: Befriend powerful pets that assist you in battles and enhance your combat prowess.

🔥 Runes: Unlock the secrets of ancient magic and enhance your skills with powerful runes.

🔥 Quests: Embark on epic quests that test your wit, strength, and determination.

🔥 Achievements: Strive for greatness by accomplishing achievements and earning bragging rights.

🔥 Titles: Earn prestigious titles that showcase your skills and accomplishments.

🔥 Dungeon Mode: Challenge yourself in intricate dungeons teeming with formidable foes.

🔥 Four Classes: Choose from the mighty Warrior, the skilled Hunter, the arcane Mage, or the divine Priest.

🔥 Toys: Collect whimsical toys that add fun and excitement to your adventure.

🔥 PvP: Engage in thrilling player-vs-player combat and prove your mettle against others.

🔥 Bosses: Confront epic bosses that demand skill, strategy, and teamwork to defeat.

🔥 Biomes: Explore a variety of diverse biomes, each with its own unique challenges and rewards.

🔥 Guilds: Form alliances, build communities, and embark on epic adventures with your guildmates.

🔥 Party System: Join forces with other players and take on challenges as a team.

🔥 Training Mode: Sharpen your skills with the optional training mode.

🔥 Merchant Mode: Engage in commerce and trade with the merchant mode.

🔥 Treasures: Unearth hidden treasures and rare items throughout your journey.

🔥 Elemental Powers: Harness the power of the elements and wield them to your advantage.

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with wonder, excitement, and adventure. "Epic Pixels: The Last Frontier" is a 2D MMORPG experience that offers endless possibilities and countless hours of fun. Are you ready to unleash your power and become a legend in this breathtaking world?

Release Date

October 2023


World of Solaria was made by World of Solaria.


Web browser


Mouse and Keyboard

1 - To move click the place you want to go

2 - To attack simply select an enemy

3 - Use the buttons on the left bottom corner to restore HP, MP or release a special attack

4 - Use the buttons on the right bottom corner to change your weapon

You can bind the movement and some actions with your keyboard in the config menu, to do it click on 'Keybinds' button.