8.8 is a fun and exciting multiplayer shooter game in which you control a variety of cute animals and engage in deadly combat in a battle royale style game. You must try and shoot as many enemies as possible whilst at the same time collecting any cash you find on the floor. You must deposit your money in the bank frequently otherwise if you die then it will be lost and your bank balance will return to 0!

Use your money to open prize boxes that contain new weapons and other rewards. Don’t forget to destroy any crate that you see as they can contain power-ups and weapons too. provides a refreshing change to the io shooter genre and the money-banking gameplay adds an extra dimension to the combat. Can you conquer the other animals and build up a fortune?

Release Date

April 2018

Developer was made by Pinpin Team.


  • Fast-paced gameplay with a cool money-saving system
  • More than 10 weapon options to use
  • Plenty power-ups to pick in the game
  • Animal character to use


This game is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app and as an iOS app.



  • WASD to control the character
  • Left click to shoot
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