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Mafia Games


What are the most popular Mafia Games?

  1. Murder Mafia
  2. Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder
  3. Downtown 1930s Mafia
  4. Mafia Billiard Tricks
  5. Secret Agent James
  6. Sneak In 3D
  7. Mafia Trick & Blood
  8. Project Grand Auto Town
  9. Mafia Battle

What are the best Mafia Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Murder Mafia
  2. Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder
  3. Sneak In 3D
  4. Mafia Billiard Tricks

What are Mafia Games?

Rise to power in the criminal underworld with Mafia-inspired games. Set in various time periods and cities, these games offer a cinematic experience with immersive storytelling and realistic gameplay. Take on missions, build your empire, and fight your way to the top.

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