Pokemon Mega

Pokemon Mega is a turn-based RPG game you can play in your web browser. In this game, Pokemon go through mega evolutions. This gives them powerful new moves and abilities. You can battle and interact with other players online too. See if you can become a legendary Pokemon trainer today. Can you catch them all?



At the start of the game, you’ll be asked to choose a name and gender. Then, your journey to Pokemon mastery begins with a defeat at the hands of Ash Ketchum. The rest of the game is your quest for revenge against Ash, but first, you need to pick some starter Pokemon.

Initially, you have the choice of Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. From there, it’s a matter of increasing your level and earning more EXP to get more.

How to Battle

Pokemon Mega is a turn-based game. When fighting a battle, each participant takes turns to attack with their monster. Choose from different moves such a slash and gust. Use status effect moves that inflict status ailments like poison and sleep. Go into the wild and hunt for rare creatures. You can also interact with the people populating the world and take up quests and adventures.

Battles against AI aren’t too difficult. You can challenge other players to PvP, though. Depending on your opponent, that might be more of a challenge!


A big part of the progress in Pokemon Mega is the Pokemon Evolutions. As you level up your Pokemon gets enhanced abilities and skills, making them stronger. As you quest through the lands, you’ll earn gold and various items which are used for upgrading your Pokemon you level up.

To catch Pokemon, you can explore the wild and capture them when they are low on HP, just as you’d expect.


Use potions to restore health and attack points. If your Pokemon is inflicted with a status, don’t forget to remove it using items such as antidote. When traveling through the wild, always carry a stock of Pokemon balls. This will allow you to catch wild Pokemon and add them to your collection.

Similar Games

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Release Date

September 2017


This game is made by ZROAD (HONGKONG) CO., LIMITED.


Web browser



Press left mouse button to interact.
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