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Relive awesome comics in these free Anime games

Japanese anime offers some of the most popular cartoons in the world. If you watch anime online then you will understand what we mean. You will have probably watched series like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop and cheered on your favorite characters.

Did you know that you can relive the excitement and fun of your favorite anime episodes through a selection of awesome online games? Here at CrazyGames, we have gathered a large selection of the best anime style games available - read on to find out more!

What do Anime games offer?

These games typically feature characters and settings from actual TV series or comics. You can expect to control individual characters in various different ways. Furthermore, this type of game often represents many genres - RPG, fighter, puzzle game etc.

Some of the series that have been turned into browser games include:

  • Naruto
  • Pokemon
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Phantom Reverse
  • Relic Guardians
Aside from featuring characters and storylines, these games often have anime graphics and artwork. They recreate that beautiful and fun anime style that has become so popular throughout the world.

Check out the awesome Anime online titles

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what to expect from free anime games, we can look at some of the most popular titles available. We have so many brilliant games to choose from featuring popular anime characters that anime fans will love including Naruto Online, Dragon Ball Z Fighters, and Pokemon Mega:

Naruto Online - This game features characters from the popular Naruto series. The gameplay features automatic combat, combined with RPG elements. Upgrade your characters, build a team, and form an impressive set of elite fighters. The graphics look fantastic, and the intense gameplay will keep you entertained.

Dragon Ball Z Fighters - If you love Goku and Vegeta, you will enjoy this fun RPG fighting game. Dragon Ball Z Fighters has similar gameplay to Naruto and allows you to build-up characters and kit them out with different moves and abilities. Forget about anime streaming - have fun playing this addictive RPG instead!

Pokemon Mega - How can we talk about the world of anime without including Pokemon? Pokemon Mega is a turn-based browser game set in the epic Pokemon universe. Catch and train different Pokemon whilst exploring the world, and watch as they undergo mega evolutions into extremely powerful monsters!

Super Smash Flash - Super Smash is a popular Nintendo game featuring characters from different TV series and games like Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, and Pikachu! Fight it out in intense side-scrolling battles whilst trying to knock-out your opponent. The fighting action is brilliant, and the number of characters is great!

Why not give these online games a try today and relive some of your favorite moments from epic anime series in these free to play games? We have over 30 different anime show games to choose from including fighting games, and high-quality RPG titles. Jump into the anime planet today!

We collected 36 of the best free online anime games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new anime games such as Fiesta Online and top anime games such as Death Note Type, Blue Lights #2, and Voices from the Sea.
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