Arcalona is an RPG fantasy game in which you must create your own base and train up a variety of heroes to fight for your cause. Arcalona was once peaceful, but a meteor hit the world and distributed a plethora of alien lifeforms that caused damage and destruction; it also split the world into smaller chunks. You start off with your base on a single island and must build a range of different structures such as a Heroes Home, Houses and a granary.

Aside from the base building, you must also train heroes and take them into battle. You can upgrade their statistics and equip them with better weaponry and armor. Furthermore, you can send your heroes into battle to try and conquer the other divided lands of Arcalona. The combat is turn-based and you can use a range of attacks and abilities to defeat different enemies from cows to cannons. This game has great gameplay and it also has a huge amount of depth and playability. Can you conquer the lands of Arcalona?


Arcalona is developed by Eggy Games.

Release Date

September 2017 (Flash). June 2020 (HTML5).


Web browser (desktop and mobile). Also on Android.



Use left mouse button to play.
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