Bubble Spinner

Bubble Spinner is Bubble-Shooter-inspired match-3 game in which you need to pop matching bubbles in the spinner.

This bubble shooter game uses a different mechanic to the standard match-3 games. Usually, you simply shoot bubbles up into a wall of pre-existing bubbles. In this game, the bubbles are in the center and rotate.

This adds an additional element of gameplay into this title. You must try and rotate the block of bubbles so that you can match colors on the different sides. Be sure to match bubbles of the same color - try to create groups - you can then remove bigger numbers of bubbles together.

Players have to consider the time limit too. They have to keep matching the same color bubbles together to progress and improve their score. If they don’t match anything for a while, the game is over and they must restart again.

It is also possible to shoot bubbles off the side of the level walls - this allows you to reach the underside and sides of the rotating bubble groups. Remember to use as many angles as possible and aim your shots carefully! Why not give this superb bubble shooter game a try today?


The game was initially released as a Flash game in November 2008 but has been updated to use HTML5.


This game is made by DeadWhale.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Press left mouse button to shoot the bubble.
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