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Tiles of the Simpsons


Tiles of the Simpsons is a Mahjong-themed tile-matching game featuring characters from The Simpsons. Clear all the tiles by matching the same type to reveal an image of The Simpsons.

How to Play

There are two levels of tiles, one stacked on the other. Tiles of the Simpsons is not like a traditional mahjong game. You can only connect tiles that aren't blocked, but they must also be beside each other. You can also match more than two tiles together to clear them. The tiles feature iconic characters like Homer, Bart, Lisa and others.

When you clear both tile stacks, the tiles above will fall down. If the tiles fall onto the same tile of three or more, they will automatically clear and you'll get a combo reward.

The game rewards you with Duff bombs for every combo you get. These explosive beer cans help clear tiles that can't be matched, and are essential in the later stages of the game.

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TIles of The Simpsons is a classic game from the Flash games era, now available to play without Flash through Ruffle. For similar titles check out the connect and mahjong games for more. Dream Pet Link and War Mahjong are two games that follow similar mechanics.


The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening.


Web browser


Left mouse button to remove tiles.