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War Mahjong

(3,570 votes)
July 2020
Flash (emulated)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

War Mahjong (Tiles of the Unexpected) is a mahjong-style tile-matching game with a war theme. Although it's not like typical mahjong games, your objective is to clear the tiles by clicking on groups with the same image.

How to Play

There are two layers of tiles stacked on top of each other in War Mahjong. Your goal is to clear tiles that are the same and beside each other until all the tiles have disappeared. You clear them by clicking on groups of the same tile. When you clear tiles from the second layer it creates blank space that causes the tiles above to fall in their place. This can potentially create a combo effect.

When you get combos, you'll earn bombs. A combo happens when you match tiles, and it creates a cascading effect that leads to more tiles being matched.

The bombs are vital for end-game play, as you can use them to clear any tile when you have no matches left.

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Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Click/tap on tiles that are adjacent to same faced tiles.


How do you win at War Mahjong?

You have to play your choices right to clear every piece with none remaining.

Is War Mahjong the same game as Tiles of the Unexpected?

Yes, the game has a few names. These are all the same game:

  • Tiles of the Unexpected
  • War Mahjong
  • Gorillaz Tiles

Gameplay Video