Use your computer to play Or try one of the games below! is an epic multiplayer io game in which you must deploy your own military forces to try and defend your castle, and eliminate your enemies castle too! You can deploy a range of different units including spearmen, swordman, horseman, catapults and even archers. Don't forget to build your defences too such as walls, mage towers and even devastating tesla towers!

The 1on1 gameplay is fun and exciting and you must think fast in order to outwit your opponent and destroy their defences. Use your resources carefully and try to deploy a mixture of troops. As your troops progress and gain experience they level up - this increases their power. Can you dominate in the arena and become a Castle Glory pro?

Release Date

January 2018

Developer was developed by Shubham Garg.


  • Many units types to be deployed
  • Upgradeable resources buildings
  • Your units can level up as you use them in the battle
  • Defensive buildings


  • Web browser


Use left mouse button to summon an unit.