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December 2019
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Battleship is a classic two-player naval strategy game that you can play for free in your web browser. You are the commanding officer of an elite fleet of battleships at war with an equally capable enemy. Take turns to fire on your opponent's territory using an array of ranged weaponry.

How to Play

Place your battleships

The battle takes place on a grid divided into squares. Each player starts with the same fleet of ships. The ships in the fleet are different sizes. Place the battleships strategically around your side of the board in a way that will avoid enemy attacks. You can place the ships horizontally or vertically.

Commence the battle

You and the opposing player will take turns at guessing what squares are occupied by enemy naval units. Both players get three guesses each. If you guess a square correctly, the square you picked will show the word “hit”.

Sink the enemy fleet

Once you’ve guessed a square correctly, that’s one of their ships narrowed down. You can keep firing until their full ship is revealed in red, which means you’ve sunk it. The more squares you reveal, the easier it gets to find the rest of their ships. But be quick - it’s a race against your opponent!

Level up and unlock new weapons

Keep seeing those epic aquatic battles to the end to earn XP and level up your character. You will unlock new weapons that deal damage to a greater area as you progress.


  • Try to space your ships apart as much as possible - don’t group them all together in one place
  • Think logically when picking squares. What ship sizes are remaining, and is it possible they would fit into the area you are attacking?
  • Utilize your more powerful weapons as you level up

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Battleship was made by Hasbro.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to play.


When was the game Battleship invented?

The official board game was released in 1967. However, it has been played as a pad-and-pencil game since the 1930s.

Where can I play Battleship online?

You can play Battleship for free on the web at CrazyGames. No board game required!

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