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DualForce Idle

(31,946 votes)
December 2020
Browser (desktop-only)

DualForce Idle is a clever game that combines idle and tower defense gameplay. Click monsters to generate money for upgrades and turrets. It’s the only tower defense game where you’re actively trying to make the enemies stronger!

How to Play

Slay the beasts

Click the monster to kill it and gain coins. You can use your coins to buy everything you need to increase the generation of more coins. This is all about you making coins. Buy monsters and upgrade their health to make them deliver more money per kill. Upgrade your turrets so they produce more damage. You get the idea.

Spend your coins

There are 6 categories to buy from, with one remaining a mystery until a certain point in the game. From the early game, you’ll be able to use unlocks, monsters, turrets, and build mode to buy and upgrade various aspects of the gameplay. The rebirth option is for starting the game from scratch with a bonus, which is only recommended when you progress quite far into the game.

Unlock the mysteries

Each section offers an extensive selection of available upgrades, some of which are locked until you get further into the game. Keep slaying monsters while intentionally making them more powerful, and eventually, you’ll unlock all of this game's secrets.

Explore more cool features

DualForce Idle features an array of options and allows you to save the game and upload save data from a file, which is a neat feature for a modern-day browser game. If you’re obsessed with performance statistics, you can also check all your numbers in the statistics section.

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Release Date

December 2020


nerdError made this game.


Web browser


Use Left Mouse Button to damage monsters and also for everything else!

Build mode

  • LMB - Build
  • RMB - Destroy
  • R - Rotate


How can I add more turrets in DualForce Idle?

You have to keep playing and developing your other skills before more turrets become available.

WHat happens if I use Rebirth in DualForce Idle?

Rebirth will reset the game with a permanent multiplier based on how far you have progressed in the current game.

Gameplay Video