Uncolored Dungeon
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Uncolored Dungeon

Uncolored Dungeon is a fantastic game of exploration that takes place in a series of dangerous dungeons. You take control of the protagonist – a cute and adorable magician. Our magician enters these dungeons to become more powerful by training up and finding new weapons.

This game has a cool RPG style and gives you excellent character progression – you can upgrade your equipment and weapons and also learn new spells and magic. What makes this game even more interesting is that you can play with other people from around the world!

Release Date

November 2018


Uncolored Dungeon is made by TheAldas.


  • .io adventure game
  • 2D pixel with simple graphics
  • Different monsters to face
  • Buyable new weapons


Uncolored Dungeon is a web browser game.


  • WASD: move
  • Q: enter door
  • Left click: shoot/select item
  • 12345: switch weapon
  • B: open shop
  • G: destroy item
  • V: open text commands menu
  • H: Open help modal