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Starve.io is a multiplayer survival game. You have to satisfy your basic needs like hunger while surviving aggressive mobs. Craft items to defend and attack against mobs and other players. Explore different biomes and search for the best resources to craft the most prized items in the game. Choose a mode and server that suits you and become Starve.io's most excellent survivalist!


Starve.io features a dynamic game world that changes with time and the seasons. Day turns to night, and fall turns to winter. With those changes come new challenges: mobs that reflect the climate, and changes in temperature that require different survival strategies. Build up your points by becoming the most renowned survivor of the land, harnessing resources to suit one primary goal: Survival at all costs.

How to Survive

Survival depends on fulfilling your needs and avoiding danger. You must stay nourished with food and drink, stay warm and oxygenated. You have four bars for these key elements of survival along with your health bar, which starts to drop should the four basic needs not be fulfilled.

There are aggressive mobs that will attack you, as well as other players occasionally, so you need to be equipped and ready to fight if it comes to it. You can improve your chances of survival by crafting useful items, staying nourished, and building robust defenses.


Crafting gives you most game items. However, many items are gained through mob drops and Chrono quests too. Mainly, mobs drop food items, and quests deliver unique resources that you can use to craft better equipment.


Crafting in Starve.io usually requires a workstation and the resources needed to make the desired item. In special cases, a workstation may not be necessary for crafting i.e. a workstation is not required to craft a workstation.

Crafting is a key part of the Survive.io game mechanics, and a big part of what makes the game so enjoyable to play. You can collect resources from a range of biomes and natural deposits to craft better weapons, tools, armor, food, and structures to elevate your status as a master of the game. Agricultural structures such as windmills can also be built, automating the production of flour, which is used to create food for survival.

Game Modes

There are several game modes with their own unique twist. Here are all the Starve.io game modes:

  • Normal mode - survive and explore in normal biomes.
  • Forest mode - survive in the biggest forest.
  • Community - user-customized servers.
  • Zombie mode - play as a zombie or prepare your defenses and survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • Vampire mode - spawn in the day and use garlic against vampires, or spawn at night and avoid daylight.
  • Experimental - your score isn't saved on the leaderboard.

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  • A dynamic game world with realistic survival conditions
  • Multiplayer gameplay - team up with others to survive
  • Six game modes to explore and master
  • Vast biomes and crafting opportunities


Starve.io is initially made by LapaMauve, who have also created Limax.io and Oib.io.

Release Date

March 2017


How do you craft in Starve.io?

Most items require a workbench, which is crafted with 20 wood and 10 stone.

How do I create my own private server in Starve.io?

You must purchase a private server in-game.

How long is a day in Starve.io?

A day is 4 minutes, a night is 4 minutes. So the total day/night cycle is 8 minutes long.

What are some Starve.io survival tips?

  • Craft a wooden pickaxe and get berries quickly
  • Avoid any danger early on
  • build a base as soon as you can
  • Team up with other players

What are some essential crafting recipes in Starve.io?

  • Wooden pickaxe - 15 wood
  • Campfire - 30 wood and 5 stone
  • Workbench - 40 wood and 20 stone


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to collect resources and craft