8.5 is a superb multiplayer game of warfare in which you must battle against other players and attempt to destroy their castle. You can play in both 2on2 and 3on3 game modes so teamwork is key – try playing with your friends to cooperate and make the game even more fun! You generate gold automatically and you must spend this gold to produce troops.

Try to create a balanced force and don’t simply use one troop type otherwise your forces will be overwhelmed. You must engage the enemy in the battlefield and try to destroy their castle walls. Once you have successfully destroyed their walls, you must then attack their main castle keep! Your resources are limited and you must use your troops carefully – don’t send them into battle without support! Can you defeat your enemies and become a siege master?

Developer is developed by Nad Games, the same developer who made Combat Reloaded, a famous multiplayer FPS game.

Release Date

October 2017



  • Left click to deploy/select unit
  • Right click to move a unit
  • WASD or arrow keys to move camera
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