8.9 is a brilliant social IO game. Cause mayhem in the school playing as a student, or be the teacher trying to restore order amidst the misbehaving youths. It’s a completely unique twist on social games like Among Us.

How to Play SchoolBreak


Cause chaos and try not to get caught! You can pick up objects like paint buckets and fire extinguishers to cause carnage. Throw objects and generally wreak havoc. If you’re caught, you’ll be sentenced to detention.


Observe the misbehaving students and identify their names correctly to sentence them to detention and reduce the overall chaos level. When the chaos level reaches 100, the students have won. Identify the misbehaving kids incorrectly and you’ll get stuck in an angry meeting with the parents!

Map Editor

There is an extensive map editor in You can use it to build the perfect playground for mayhem and share it with other players!

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SchoolBreak is a social game that uses the premise of games like Among Us and turns it into something entirely new. Another game in this space is, which expands upon the gameplay featured in Among Us. Browse our multiplayer and .io games for more free online games!


  • Cause chaos in a school that’s lost control of its pupils!
  • Play as the teacher and stop students from creating 100% chaos
  • Build the perfect playground of destruction in the map editor
  • More features coming soon, like FFA and laser tag modes

Release Date

May 2021

Developer was made by Tobias Springer.


Web browser



Mouse and keyboard