If you love Pac-Man and retro games then you will go crazy for! In this game, you take control of our hero PacMan. As usual, you must move around the level and collect the pellets on the floor - as you eat these pellets you will grow to a huge size!

You must obviously avoid the ghosts too, that move around the map. You have an added element of danger however as you must avoid other players too. You can try and eat other players if you are larger than them. Avoid them at all costs however if you are smaller otherwise you could be eaten yourself! This game puts a fun multiplayer twist on the classic PacMan game.

Release Date

October 2018


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


  • Pac-Man .io game
  • Power-ups to pick-up around the map
  • The map resembles the original Pac-Man game
  • You can disguise as a ghost
  • Playable in fullscreen


Web browser

Tips & Tricks

  • When small, taking chances right away is recommended. Not a big deal to restart if you had just started as opposed to being the second biggest and making a fatal error later. Once you start getting bigger, be careful.
  • Use small spaces that you can fit into and enemies can’t to avoid them.
  • Eat players that are smaller than you, but be careful not to lose sight of players bigger than yourself.



Press left mouse button or space bar to boost speed.