Nyan Cat FLY!

Nyan Cat Fly is a fun and exciting avoid game in which you control the adorable cat Nyan! Nyan loves sweets, deserts and treats and hates anything healthy – if you give him a carrot or a cabbage he will be disgusted! The aim of the game is simple – you must guide Nyan through space and collect the different sweet treats as you progress.

You must avoid any vegetable or green on the screen however – if you eat one of these, Nyan will become sick – if you eat three veggies in total the game is over! Use the keyboard up and down arrow keys to control your adorable cat and see how far you can take him through the galaxy!

Release Date

May 2011


Nyan Cat FLY! is developed by krang Games.


  • Lots of sweets and greens
  • Three lives
  • Original Nyan Cat song
  • Customizable appearance


  • Desktop browser



  • Up arrow or Z to move up
  • Down arrow or X to move down
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