Grow Tower

Grow Tower is another fantastic episode from the superb Grow series. This episode is a mini-series but uses the same mechanics as the other grow games. In this title your aim is simple – you must use the objects at your disposal to create a tower and try to level each item up as far as possible.

Each object evolves in a certain way for each level it increases. You must think about your placement and which order you put the objects down as this can affect the outcome of the tower and how it grows. Can you solve the puzzle and create the tallest tower possible? If you enjoy this title then why not try Grow Cube?

Release Date

January 2009


Grow Tower was made by Eyezmaze. Play also Grow Cube, from the same developer.


  • Tower building gameplay
  • 5 objects and 1 hidden objects to stack
  • Fun animations and music


Web browser



Use left mouse button to choose an object.
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