Heroic Battle

Heroic Battle is not like any other browser game - this fantastic game combines elements of an idle game together with strategy and RTS features. You control a castle and it is up to you to build and train an army to defeat the hordes of monsters that try to destroy you. You can build a footsoldier, and archer, a mage and a celest - each troop has a weapon that can be upgraded. You can also increase your troops health so they can take more damage.

Your troops will deploy and attack automatically, but you can also click to attack the invading units and their stronghold - this speeds up the process and your progress. This game has great playability and if you need to take a break, you can simply leave it running and your characters will continue to attack! The RTS and MMO elements of Heroic Battle really are fun and will provide you with hours of entertainment.


Heroic Battle is developed by Nerdy Orc Studio and published here on CrazyGames.com.


You can kill as many monsters as you want to earn recurring gold and diamond before destroying the castle.



Left click to do various actions.
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