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Juice Production Tycoon

Developed by  LeimurGames

Juice Production Tycoon is an incremental clicker game where you chop fruits to earn money. You can upgrade your production line for more exotic fruits and better equipment with the money you earn. Become the best juice maker in town in Juice Production Tycoon!

How to Play


Click fruit, earn money, and buy upgrades. That’s the cycle that keeps giving in Juice Production Tycoon. Occasionally you’ll see a large golden apple, click on this to watch an ad and earn a reward.

Chopping fruit

The quickest way to earn money at first is to click quickly on the falling apples. This will give you the first bit of cash to start buying upgrades. The rest you can leave to the blade, which gets better with improvements. Juicer upgrades include things like blade speed, damage, fruit types, and more.

Juice Production

When you’ve bought enough upgrades to earn $1K, you’ll have access to the juicer. Here you’ll find several new upgrades, and you’ll have to sell the fruit yourself to earn money. The juicer upgrades include conveyor speed, glass capacity, and more.

Once you’ve mastered the juicer, you can unlock jam production and utilize the remnants of the squeezed fruit. As you can imagine, there are several upgrades here too.

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  • Earn money by clicking, chopping, and juicing fruit
  • Various upgrades to increase output and rewards
  • Several levels of production to rapidly expand operations
  • Leave it idle and watch the money flow in

Release Date

April 2021. You can also check the remake version.


Juice Production Tycoon is made by LeimurGames.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Mouse and touch


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