Maze Cartoon Labyrinth

Maze Cartoon Labyrinth is a fun 3D maze game in which you must control an adorable and cute cartoon figure through a series of 3D mazes. Each maze is complex and if you don't keep track of your position or direction you could easily get lost! To help there is an overview of the maze in the form of a small mini-map - use this for guidance.

To complete the maze you must reach the teleportation portal - this will transport you to the next level! Choose from a variety of different characters and unlock new cool toons using the coins you collect from successfully completing a maze. Characters include a penguin, a bunny, a snowman and even a cute monkey! Step into the labyrinth today and see if you can conquer the maze!

Release Date

Initially released as mobile apps in March 2016, this game now can be played online since December 2017.


Maze Cartoon Labyrinth is developed by HGames.


  • 3D maze
  • Many cute figures to be unlocked
  • You can view the overview map


  • Desktop browser
  • iOS app
  • Android app



  • WASD to move
  • Esc to pause
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