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Favorite Puzzles

(21,826 votes)
July 2023
Last Updated:
February 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android)

Favorite Puzzles is a free jigsaw puzzle game with a wide selection of beautiful images to suit everyone. Enjoy a range of flexible options that give you the perfect puzzle-solving experience, and add your own photos to turn them into a new puzzle to solve. Compete in the leaderboards and come back for daily puzzles and rewards!

How to Play

Pick your pics

There are various puzzle sets to play. Build a stunning scene in the nature pack, cute snaps in the cats pack, and so much more. There are 49 puzzle packs to play through. Most of them are free to access, but a few require emeralds to unlock.

You can also turn any of your personal images into a puzzle! Simply click “create” and upload an image from your desktop to get started.

Play puzzles how you want

Favorite Puzzles has plenty of customization options to help you find the perfect puzzle. You can choose how many pieces you want to play with, all the way up to 600 pieces. Set the form of your pieces and add rotation for extra difficulty. Adding more pieces and rotation increases the number of emeralds you receive for completion.

Start solving your puzzle

Favorite Puzzles is a very intuitive puzzle game with a tutorial to guide you through your first puzzle. When you’re stuck, you can use various hints, show the sample image as a reference, and more. Head into the settings to add a grid and various other useful options. Come back to Favorite Puzzles for your free daily puzzle and gift.

Unlock various achievements

There are 53 achievements to unlock. Solve even more challenging puzzles to get rare and legendary achievements. All the puzzles you’ve completed are under “my puzzles”, which is a trophy cabinet of your accomplishments. Join the weekly tournament and top the leaderboard for prizes!

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Release Date

  • June 2023 (Android)
  • July 2023 (iOS and HTML5)


Favorite Puzzles is developed by RAD BROTHERS.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS

Last Updated

Feb 22, 2024



Drag the left mouse button to grab and move the puzzle element, use the mouse wheel to zoom in / out, and scroll through the elements' feed.


Use your fingers to move elements and scale the screen


How do I add my own pictures to Favorite Puzzles?

Click the "create" button on the main menu to upload your own images.

Why can't I play all the categories in Favorite Puzzles?

Some categories need to be unlocked using emeralds. You can earn enough by playing frequently.

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