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Nuts Puzzle: Sort By Color

(19,228 votes)
Aleksei Skachko
January 2024
Last Updated:
February 2024
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(Android)

Nuts Puzzle: Sort by Color is a classic puzzle game where you sort various colored nuts onto screws until they are all the same color. As you get further, you’ll have to think ahead to ensure you can complete the puzzle!

How to Play

Organize the nuts

Click the nut you want to move, then click the screw you want to move it onto. You can only place a nut on another screw if it is empty or the top nut is the same color. As you progress, there will be more nuts and colors to sort, requiring more thinking to solve. There are new challenges like hard mode levels, which hide the color of a nut until you move a piece from above it.

Use helpers

It’s at this point that you may need to use the undo, reset, and extra screw options, which are available on every level. However, you can only win extra screws from chests and at the winner wheel. Clicking the screw icon adds an extra screw to free up more space. The undo button has a finite number of uses, but these are restored on each level. If you have no choice, you can use the reset button to start the level over from scratch.


  • Play increasingly tricky levels
  • Sort colors neatly onto screws
  • Earn rewards for puzzle completion
  • Use helpers when you’re stuck

Release Date

  • December 2023 (Android)
  • January 2024 (WebGL)


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

Last Updated

Feb 28, 2024


Use the left mouse button to select a stack and move the nut.


What should I do if I get stuck in Nuts Puzzle: Sort by Color?

You can undo your previous move or add an extra screw if you have them available.

What are some games similar to Nuts Puzzle: Sort by Color?

There are other similar puzzle games like Cups - Water Sort Puzzle.

Gameplay Video

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