Glory Warrior: Lord of Darkness

Glory Warrior: Lord of Darkness is an epic RPG game with beautiful 3D graphics. An evil army has descended into your land and you must use your skills as a warrior to defeat them and deliver your fellow villagers to safety. You can attack the monsters with both magic attacks and your hardy weapons. Use the left click mouse button to guide your character and use the right click button to perform attack combos with your weapons.

Your devastating magic spells can be unleashed using the keyboard number keys. As you collect silver and crystals you can upgrade your character - you can improve your stats such as armor, block, power and health. Furthermore you can improve the strength of your magic abilities. Fight against ogres, harpies, spiders and other foul beasts and progress through this detailed and engaging game! Can you save your village and defeat the evil invading army?

Release Date

Glory Warrior: Lord of Darkness originally released as mobile apps in December 2015 and can be played online via web browser since November 2017.


This game is developed by HGames.


  • Beautiful 3D world with cool effects
  • Three spells and weapons
  • Various monsters with different capabilities
  • Nice storyline


  • Desktop browser
  • iOS app
  • Android app



  • Left click to move
  • Right click to attack
  • 123 to use spell
  • Esc to pause
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