Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall

Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall is a story RPG that takes place in the Crypt Shyfter world. There is a crazy magical blizzard in the middle of a hot summer. You are summoned by the elves to climb to the top of Solistice Peak and kill The Frozen King to end the disaster... Have fun with this adventure game with entertaining dialogues!

Before starting your adventure, you need to choose one from 3 available classes, a special item, and equipment. The evolution of the story is determined by your actions and choices; always be prepared for the unexpected... The battles can reduce your health. You can heal yourself by drinking a potion of eating the pizza that you brought. Can you make it to the top and slay The Frozen King once and for all?


Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall is developed by Kung Fu Space Barbarian, who has previously made 25 videos about the Crypt Shyfter world.



Left click to choose an option.


To restart and save the game, click the arrow icon on the top left side.

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