Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright

Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright is the exciting sequel to the popular Frostfall RPG. As you start your adventure you must choose which type of magical creature you wish to be - choices include a fairy, vampire and leonin. Your choice will affect your statistics i.e. a Reptiod has +1 attack strength. You can then choose different accessories to boost your power and weapons - each of these items affects your characters overall performance.

Now that you are ready for battle you can start your quest. You receive a letter with a plea for help and must help solve the mystery of the vanishing children at Moonbright village. This game has a fantastic and in-depth story and allows you to make different choices to alter the outcome of your progression. Each choice has a chance of success or failure depending on your statistics and weaponry so choose carefully! Will you be able to successfully save the town of Moonbright?


Crypt Shyfter: Moonbright is developed by Kung Fu Space Barbarian.


Use the arrow icon on the left side to save and restart game.



Left click to play.

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