Spellsword: The Last Crusade

Spellsword: The Last Crusade is a fantastic RPG game with the first-person dungeon crawling gameplay. You control a single character and must work your way through different dungeons.

As you progress you must fight against different monsters and creatures. When you kill the monsters you can pick up loot and new weapons and equipment. Periodically you will also have boss fights against powerful creatures. Can you develop a powerful character and conquer the dungeons?

Release Date

May 2019


Yegor Semyonov made Spellsword: The Last Crusade.


  • Deep RPG element that is inspired by Diablo
  • Hack-and-slash dungeon crawler gameplay
  • Different monsters and creatures
  • Equipment and spell system
  • Free to develop your character based on your play style
  • This game is playable in fullscreen


Web browser



  • Press [L] to switch Mouse Lock
  • Press [WASD] to move
  • Press [SHIFT] to Sprint
  • Hold [Left Mouse Button] to Attack
  • Hold [Right Mouse Button] to use Shield
  • Press [F] to Cast a Spell
  • Press [E] to Interact
  • Press [Q] to use Quick Health Potion
  • Press [R] to use Quick Mana Potion
  • Press [I] to open Inventory
  • Press [P] to open Pause Menu
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