Gem Brawl is a fun io game with a unique type of gameplay - you control your very own cute garden gnome and you must walk around the map and try to blow other gnomes up by planting bombs! Use the WASD keys to move your gnome and use the space bar to plant a bomb - be sure to move out of the way of your own bombs otherwise you could destroy yourself!

Use strategy and timing to your advantage to try and catch other players and trap them into a corner to explode your bombs on them! Collect the red gems scattered on the floor to improve and upgrade your gnome and kit them out with new accessories. Can you conquer the gem brawl arena?

Release Date

February 2018

Developer is made by Tikola.


  • A fun combination of .io game and Bomberman
  • Featuring a cute gnome that can throw or place bomb to blast other players
  • Good strategy and timing are needed to successfully damage others
  • A detailed mini-map with the location of other players and gems
  • Smooth controls and nice 3D view


  • Web browser



  • WASD or arrow keys to control the gnome
  • Space bar to place a bomb, hold and release to throw a bomb
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