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October 2016
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), Android
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Can you survive the terrors of Deeep.io? Deeeep.io is an addictive .io game where you play a marine creature trying to survive in the ruthless world of the sea. Harder than the shell of a crab, but more rewarding than catching your first fish.

You choose your animal and spend your time trying to eat as much food as possible, but it won't be easy the sea is a dangerous place, full of predators. While there is lots of food around, there are lots of other people all trying to eat it too so you have to hide and battle your way to a high score.

If you find yourself being hunted you'll need to pull all of your hide and seek skills from childhood to get away, using the terrain as well as fast movements to escape to safety.

Nothing beats a nice relaxing swim in the sea, deeeep.io isn't a relaxing swim in the sea, but it will get your blood pumping while you desperately try to evolve into the next creature and go down in history on the high scoreboard.

Explore the depths and grow your fish

The ocean of Deeeep.io is split into different areas and regions. As you play, you can only swim in certain areas - for example, as a basic clownfish, you can only stay in shallow waters - if you swim deeper, your fish will slowly suffocate.

Moreover, there is different water temperatures too and certain fish can only survive in certain water temperatures. There are help boxes that show if you are in danger so be sure to pay attention.

As you play, choose from different types of marine life such as the whale whale, penguin, pufferfish, clownfish, and jellyfish. Each type of marine animal has different characteristics and abilities. The penguin, for example, can stay on land, but cannot swim into deep waters.

Try out the different creatures and see which ones suit your playing style. Be sure to look out for the huge NCP jellyfish - if you swim into these abominations, they will damage you and eventually swallow you whole! See if you can conquer Deeeep.io today and have some underwater fun!


  • A huge selection of creatures to play as
  • Huge different types of food to eat
  • Lots of different terrain to swim around and hide behind
  • You can evolve into new creatures when you finally eat enough


Deeeep.io is developed by Federico Mouse.

Release Date

October 2016


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android


Wherever you point your mouse is where your animal will travel to. Animals that have the ability to walk across islands will jump to them if you click. When you're in the sea clicking will give a speed boost, as long as you have something in your boost bar. Animals that have special skills will perform these skills instead of speeding up when the boost bar has enough in it.


How do I become a ghost in Deeeep.io?

Type in “(GHOST)” as your nickname before you join a game. Ghosts can only spectate the game.

How do I become an anaconda in Deeeep.io?

Anacondas are tier 10 animals that evolve from giant salamanders.

How do you evolve into a giant salamander in Deeeep.io?

You need 42,000 XP to turn into a giant salamander from a snapping turtle.

Is Deeeep.io multiplayer?

Yes, Deeeep.io is a popular online IO game where you play against other players in real-time.
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