8.4 is the bomber man game in which you are in a room with other players. Use your highly tuned battle skills and pure will to survive to defeat all of the enemies who are desperate to put an end to you.

As you fight against other bomber players you will be attacked from all angles, use your bombs and tactics to defeat them before they defeat you. Do not hold your bombs too long as they will explode in your hands! Play with up to 100 other players. Good luck!

Release Date

June 2018

Developer is developed by Jason Roberts.


  • Bombing-style gameplay
  • A cool game mechanism, you can aim in any direction and deflect the bombs
  • Up to 100 players in a room
  • Destroyable objects to collect cores
  • Various upgrades to buy


This game is a web browser game.



  • WASD or arrow keys to control the character
  • Hold left mouse button to charge bomb, release to throw
  • Right click to deflect bomb
  • 1234 to purchase an upgrade
  • Space bar to sprint
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