8.8 is a fun .io avoid game in which you must move around the map and avoid other players and bombs that litter the playing field. You control a small yellow emoji icon that grows larger as you collect the green gems found on the map. You can also drop bombs that explode after a certain amount of time to try and destroy your opponents.

Aside from other players, you must also avoid the mines that are placed on the map – these mines are heat seeking and are attracted towards your emoji if you get to close. If the yellow mines come into contact with you they will stun you and slow down your movement for a certain period of time. The red mines however will explode and cause high damage. You can use a speed boost to avoid a large cluster of mines or to escape your enemies. Can you conquer the bomby arena?

Developer is developed by Petroglyph Games.



  • Use your mouse to move
  • Left click to drop a bomb
  • Right click to boost speed
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