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September 2017
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Agma.io is a fun and free .io game inspired by the original Agar. In the game, you control a single cell around an online arena and must multiply and grow in size by consuming smaller cells. Consume the enemy cells and become an unstoppable force of nature!

How to Play Agma


The gameplay is about as simple as it gets, but you’ll want to use your instincts and play tactically. Move your cell around the multiplayer map and consume the small cells. When you get big enough, you’ll be able to take on other players too.


If you want to be a stylish single-cell organism, you can apply a variety of skins to stand out on this most primitive battlefield of evolution. Along with cosmetic upgrades, there are various in-game boosts you can use to give yourself an advantage.

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  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Upgrades to improve your chances of survival
  • Cosmetic skins to give you a unique flair
  • Various game modes to compete in


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Release Date

The game was initially released in September 2017. Since June 2018 it has a Battle Royale mode. If you like Fortnite style .io games, make sure to check out our list of them.


  • Space bar to split
  • W to shoot mass
  • E to instant recombine (if you own the item)