Universal Paperclips

Universal Paperclips is a fun and interesting idle clicker game in which you must manage your very own paperclip production business! You must start by creating paperclips manually by clicking on the "make paperclip" button. Each paperclip you create uses a certain amount of wire - you must periodically purchase more wire to keep your production running.

As you create more paperclips you can purchase Auto Clippers that automatically create paperclips for you over time. The cost of these auto clippers increases incrementally. You can also purchase marketing campaigns which increase your income from paperclip sales and use a revenue tracker that keeps track of your manufacturing and provides upgrades such as increased speed of auto clippers. This game is great fun and the various options and nuances provide awesome playability.


Universal Paperclips is an awesome game made by Frank Lantz from Area Code Inc. It's one of these games that really changes the idle genre. You can find more of his projects here.



Press left mouse button to play.
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