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Developed by  Playsaurus

Mr. Mine is an idle mining clicker game where you grow a mining business. Drill deep down into the Earth and extract natural minerals and treasures to sell. The money you earn will help you expand and upgrade your mining business, taking you ever deeper towards the Earth's core.

How to Play

Mine for resources

Mine deeper underground to obtain more resources and minerals to sell. You'll also encounter treasure chests the further you dig. These chests contain random rewards from small to huge sums of money and resources.

Complete quests

While mining, you'll eventually reach the underground city. At this point, you'll be introduced to new resources and a pyramid where you'll find quests to complete.

Upgrade your gear

You start the game with a humble shovel for digging. When you earn enough currency, you can upgrade your digging methods, from shovel to jackhammer; drill to nuclear excavator when you earn enough currency. Beyond that point, upgrades get supernatural, with workers being replaced with aliens and demons!

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Mr. Mine was developed by Playsaurus.


  • Web browser
  • Steam
  • Android


Left mouse button

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