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Click Click Clicker

(34,690 votes)
Blacktabb Games
February 2024
Last Updated:
March 2024
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Click Click Clicker is an idle clicker game where you earn money by clicking the button on the screen. Unlock various buttons, cursor styles, themes, and music. Upgrade your income and cursors to get rich quickly!

How to Play

Click the button

Click Click Clicker is as true to the clicker genre as it gets. You’re clicking a button to click another button. Simply click the button, upgrade your abilities, and get shiny new buttons for your hard work.

Upgrade your abilities

Like many clicker games, you start with one humble click. With each click, you generate cash to buy upgrades. Those upgrades include an increase in your passive ability to earn money, the amount of cash you earn per click, or the number of cursors you have.

Customize appearances

Click Click Clicker is all about getting shiny new things with minimal effort. You can customize everything in this game: backgrounds, music, cursor, and buttons. But you have to put in the work to unlock them first! Keep clicking or coast along on your idle earnings until you get there.

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Release Date

February 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Mar 21, 2024


PC Controls

Use the left mouse button to click on the button

Mobile Controls

Tap on the screen to play the game.


How can I progress more quickly in Click Click Clicker?

There are various ways to speed up your game progression. One instant way is to use the X6 income and auto-click functions to boost your income temporarily.

How many items are there to unlock in Click Click Clicker?

There are 9 buttons, 11 cursors, 6 backgrounds, and 3 soundtracks to unlock.

Gameplay Video